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My equipment costs:


Here's your plan:

Upfront Costs


Weekly Rent


Upfront cost breakdown

Refundable deposit $761.52
1 Week rent in advance $126.92

Rental payments

Total rent paid @ 12 months $6,599.84
Out of pocket expenses after tax deductions* $4,949.88

After your 12 month Rent-Try-Buy product ends, you can:

Purchase the equipment

If after 12 months you know the equipment is right for you and you’re in a financial position to pay out, you have the option to do so. You’ll receive a 75% rental rebate on your payments made in the first year.

Purchase price @ 12 months $6,050.12
Total ownership cost @ 12 months $11,000.00
Net ownership cost @ 12 months $1,000.00 or 10.00%
* excluding $250 shipping
Continue renting

Continue renting and keep your options open while the purchase price continues to reduce OR extend for another 12 months and get 10% off the weekly rent.

Weekly Rent $126.92
Weekly rent with 10% discount after 12 months $114.23

If you want to work towards equipment ownership, take advantage of our Easy Own® product. Enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments on a 36 month contract or a 15% discount on your weekly payments on a 24 month contract.

Easy Own® term
Weekly rent with 15% discount after 12 months $107.88
Weekly rent with 30% discount after 12 months $88.84
Return the equipment

If you’ve decided the equipment no longer suits your needs, simply return it with no further obligation.

Amounts quoted above are indicative only and are based on standard equipment. Actual amounts may vary. For more information, please contact us.

How Rent-Try-Buy works

With Rent-Try-Buy® you rent the equipment you need upfront, while still having the option to buy at a later time. And when we say ‘equipment’ we mean everything from stoves and sinks to coffee machines and chairs. You choose your equipment, make low weekly payments for 12 months, and get flexible options during and at the end of the agreement.

Silverchef has been Australia's only dedicated hospitality equipment financier for 35 years. Their industry-leading lease and rental products put you in control of your commercial kitchen equipment, saving your working capital for the things you need it for the most, like running and growing your business.

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