Commercial scales are a must have, for any restaurant or food service establishment. They play a role, in measuring ingredients and portion sizes guaranteeing consistency and top notch quality control in your food preparation. These scales come in a variety of options offering durability, precision and user friendly features. Specifically designed to handle heavy duty use they effortlessly manage quantities while withstanding the demands of a kitchen. By investing in a scale not will you achieve precise measurements but also save money in the long run as they provide excellent value for your business.

Vogue Bowl Digital Scale 5kgVogue Bowl Digital Scale 5kg
Vogue Vogue Bowl Digital Scale 5kg

218(W) x 108(H) x 217(D)mm

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Vogue Digital Black Rectangular Scale 10kgVogue Digital Black Rectangular Scale 10kg
Vogue Vogue Digital Black Rectangular Scale 10kg

248(W) x 28(H) x 196(D)mm

Sale price$57.04 Regular price$67.10
In stock, 10 units