Dear customers, when it comes to delivery charges, no one likes surprises.

That is why the form below intends to gather as much information as possible about your delivery. Please keep in mind that neither REO nor the courier have been to your premises before and we are unaware of doorways, stairs, old appliances, tight corners, counters and other obstacles between your front door and your new appliance's final position.

We ask that you provide as much information as possible in order to avoid any reason that could prevent the courier from completing their delivery during their first attempt. Please describe any stairs and double check the measurements of all doorways and corners which new appliances must pass by, as well as clearances for old appliances that you would like removed.

Sometimes we are forced to charge additional delivery fees when the courier is unable to complete the delivery. If the delivery cannot proceed for any reason after the appliances have been collected by the courier, you will be charged a futile delivery fee. Unfortunately this is not something we are able to negotiate with the courier.

Some other examples of additional charges:
- The courier needs to return more than once, you will be charged a second delivery fee.
- The courier arrives to find that the appliance must be lifted over an obstacle because the doorway or tight corner is too narrow, you will be charged extra.
- Old appliances have not been disconnected prior to the courier arriving
- The courier needs more than two men to move your item(s) into their final positions

If you do not agree with any of the above conditions, then we sincerely ask you to consider getting a cheaper, basic kerbside delivery to your door and then arrange final positioning with your own staff. This will ensure no additional charges for any reason.