Pasta Cookers

Commercial pasta cookers are an addition, to any restaurants kitchen! These versatile appliances are specifically designed to cook amounts of pasta while maintaining a consistent texture. Their durability guarantees lasting performance ensuring that you get your moneys worth. With cooking times and temperature controls you can consistently achieve cooked pasta. Don't settle for anything than quality—opt, for a pasta cooker that offers reliability and efficiency.

Apuro Pasta Cooker 8LtrApuro Pasta Cooker 8Ltr
Apuro Apuro Pasta Cooker 8Ltr

285(W) x 430(H) x 520(D)mm

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Benchstar Electric Pasta Cooker 10L DF-BPBenchstar Electric Pasta Cooker 10L DF-BP
Benchstar Benchstar Electric Pasta Cooker 10L DF-BP

470(W) x 580(D) x 420(H)mm

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GasMax Benchtop Pasta Cooker JUS-DM-2GasMax Benchtop Pasta Cooker JUS-DM-2
GasMax GasMax Benchtop Pasta Cooker JUS-DM-2

400(W) x 650(D) x 475(H)mm

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Roband Pasta Master / Vegetable BlancherRoband Pasta Master / Vegetable Blancher
Roband Roband Pasta Master / Vegetable Blancher

275(W) X 425(D) X 340(H)mm

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