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At Restaurant Equipment Online our Benchtop Appliances Clearance provides value for your money. These items may have imperfections such, as scratches or dents. Their performance remains top notch. In our Clearance section you can save an amount on quality benchtop appliances without sacrificing functionality or dependability. Explore amazing offers, on damaged items and other clearance products today!

2NDs : MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-760E-NSW1531-NSW15312NDs : MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-760E-NSW1531-NSW1531
Benchstar 2NDs : MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-760E-NSW1531-NSW1531

760(W) x 270(H) x 540(D)mm @50Kg

Sale price$720.00 Regular price$1,309.00
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2NDs: MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-400E-NSW1499-NSW14992NDs: MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-400E-NSW1499-NSW1499
Benchstar 2NDs: MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle GH-400E-NSW1499-NSW1499

400(W) x 270(H) x 540(D)mm @30Kg

Sale price$320.00 Regular price$693.00
Only 1 unit left