Vacuum Packing Machines

Commercial vacuum sealing machines are tools that are used to preserve food in airtight packages, for extended periods of time. By eliminating air and securely sealing the packages these machines prevent the growth of bacteria. Ensure that the food stays fresh. They are particularly well suited for restaurants and food establishments as they help minimize waste and prolong the shelf life of food items. With their durability and dependable performance commercial vacuum sealing machines provide long term value by promoting food safety and reducing expenses related to spoilage.

Apuro Portable Vacuum SealerApuro Portable Vacuum Sealer
Apuro Apuro Portable Vacuum Sealer

400(W) x 125(H) x 265(D)mm

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Orved Fast Vac
Orved Orved Fast Vac

375(W) x 145(H) x 297(D)mm

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Orved Vacuum Sealer Domestic
Orved Orved Vacuum Sealer Domestic

360(W) x 126(H) x 265(D)mm

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Apuro Vacuum SealerApuro Vacuum Sealer
Apuro Apuro Vacuum Sealer

390(W) x 85(H) x 160(D)mm

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Caterlite Vacuum Pack Machine 300mmCaterlite Vacuum Pack Machine 300mm
Caterlite Caterlite Vacuum Pack Machine 300mm

357(W) x 86(H) x 148(D)mm

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Orved Eco Vac Domestic
Orved Orved Eco Vac Domestic

360(W) x 126(H) x 265(D)mm

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