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When you're looking for a commercial passthrough dishwasher for your restaurant, you'll want to make sure you're choosing one that's going to work well for your business. There are a lot of factors to consider—from cost and efficiency to ease of use and cleaning.

However, there are many great brands and models to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. In this article, we'll compare some of the best commercial pass-through dishwashers so you can see how they stack up against each other.

What Is A Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher?

A passthrough dishwasher is a type of freestanding commercial dishwasher with a lift-up hood (top cover), intended for efficient and high-volume dishwashing. In fact, most commercial kitchens have their dishwashers set up to automatically start as soon as the hood is closed with a new load of dirty plates inside.

This cuts down on time spent cleaning dishes by hand, and cleaning large amounts of dirty dishes at one time. These dishwashers are perfect for use in restaurants, hospitals, schools, resorts and other commercial establishments that require their kitchen utensils to be spotless at all times.

Why Should You Consider Installing One?

If you have a busy restaurant or cafe with lots of dishes coming through your doors every day, then installing a commercial passthrough dishwasher could be an excellent investment in time savings and efficiency! 

With ever-rising staff wages, hiring someone purely to clean dishes can be quite expensive. And when you factor in the time and energy it takes to hire and train new staff members, it's no wonder that so many restaurants are having trouble keeping up with their dirty dishes.

On the other hand, a commercial passthrough dishwasher can pay itself off in months (or weeks!) With just one of these appliances, you'll be able to save time and money by bringing the power of automation into your kitchen. 

And the best part? You don't need any special training or skills to use one! All you need is an understanding of how they work and how they can benefit your business.

What Are The Things To Look For When Buying A Commercial Passthrough Dishwasher?

When buying a commercial dishwasher, there are many factors to consider. The following are some of the most important things to look for when choosing the best commercial dishwasher for your business.

Material of Components

The material of the dishwasher and its components is very important. While the material of the dishwasher can affect its price, it will also greatly impact its durability and longevity.

Commercial passthrough dishwashers need to be durable and able to withstand constant use. That’s why higher end dishwashers are made from stainless steel. However, some may include plastic components such as rinse arms, filters and plastic screws to cut down on costs. That’s why almost all dishwasher brands have models that offer a combination of these materials in their product range, allowing you to get the best of all worlds at an affordable price point.

Basket Size & Clearance Height

The basket size is another important consideration when buying a commercial pass-through dishwasher. Most of them have 500x500mm size racks.

You also need to make sure that there is enough clearance height or loading height for your dishes and utensils. Always check the internal dimensions of prospective dishwashers to make sure your plates, pots and pans will fit without any clearance issues!. This can be especially important if you have large plates or pots and pans to wash.


You have to consider power requirements when buying commercial kitchen equipment. Most of the passthrough dishwashers run on three phase power, but entry level units may run on single phase (10-15Amp) power. Remember that more power means the dishwasher can warm its rinse water faster and wash plates more effectively. So the trade off for lower power consumption is a higher time requirement to clean the dishes!

The best way to make sure your commercial pass-through dishwasher is compatible with your existing electrical system is to consult with an electrician. They will be able to give you an accurate assessment of whether or not the dishwasher will fit into your existing setup and how much it will cost to install.

Moreover, if you are looking to save on electricity bills, dishwashers from Hobart can be a great option. They are incredibly economical because they are more efficient and use less electricity than other brands, which means that you will be saving money on your electricity bill every month.

Steam Extraction:

Keep in mind that under most Australian council regulations, you will need to install an overhead exhaust canopy if your appliance is rated over 8kW, which most passthrough dishwashers are.. But if you want to skip the hassle, you can select one of the models with built-in canopies!

Although these models are not the cheapest, they are a lot cheaper than installing a dedicated extraction canopy above the dishwasher.

Sealed Hood

Some dishwashers are open at the back of their hoods, which can create problems with heat loss, water spillage and evaporation via steam loss. Other models, like the Hobart range, are completely sealed so you don't have to worry about moisture getting out or in. This can help save you money on running costs later on down the line. Further down, we have included a handy chart of various models and their power consumption figures. Thanks to their better insulation properties, including a sealed hood, it's no wonder that the Hobart models require less power to clean the same amount of dishes as other brands.


Like having a sealed hood, body Insulation is also one of the most important factors to consider when buying a commercial dishwasher. Some are insulated by way of double skinned walls on all sides, while others are insulated only on the roof or base of the unit. You want something that has maximum insulation - a completely insulated body with insulated doors, and double skinned walls. This will help reduce energy costs and ensure your machine runs smoothly for many years to come.

Commercial Dishwasher Installation Requirements

When you're installing a commercial dishwasher in your kitchen, there are some basic requirements you'll need to make sure of. 

Water Pressure

Have you had your water pressure tested?

Low water pressure will not allow the machine to work correctly, so it's important to make sure that your building's plumbing system has enough flow rate to accommodate your new dishwasher. Most entry level dishwashers require at least 300kPa constant water flow pressure to operate.

If you have an undersized plumbing system—one with insufficient flow rate—you'll need to retrofit a pump in some cases. Or opt for passthrough dishwasher models that have built-in booster water pumps.

Water Hardness

Not all water is created equal. 

If you have hard water, it can be tough on your dishwasher!

Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This means that limescale can quickly build up inside the dishwasher, causing inefficient operation, reduced cleaning performance and increased energy consumption

In hard water areas, we recommend that you install a water softener as standard practice when you're installing a new commercial dishwasher. They break down and filter the limescale in the water before it enters the machine, keeping your equipment working properly! This can often be necessary in regional areas and those which use bore water.

Some Of The Best Passthrough Dishwasher Brands

Now that you know the basics, let's dive into some of the best commercial dishwashers on the market. These brands have a good reputation, and many customers have been satisfied with their performance.


Hobart offers four different series of commercial dishwashers: Ecomax, Ecomax Plus, Profi, and Premax. The first two are designed for restaurants who want to save money on operating costs; the latter two are designed for restaurants looking for great wash results and performance. All of these models are made in Germany and deliver the highest quality wash results possible!

The Ecomax series is already one of the most economical options available today—it uses less water than any other brand on the market! It also delivers better wash results than any other brand in its class. The Ecomax Plus is even more efficient than its predecessor: it uses even less water and delivers even better wash results!

The Profi series offers high-quality stainless steel interior panels that make cleaning easier than ever before. This series also has an improved wash pump that delivers even better wash results than before!

Finally, we come to their most premium option: Premax. This series delivers best wash results and is designed for high-volume restaurants who need their dishes cleaned quickly and efficiently. It's also easy to use and clean! 

AG Equipment

If you're looking for a high-quality passthrough dishwasher with an incredible value for money, then we highly recommend AG Equipment. This Melbourne-based company has been one of the leaders in commercial kitchen equipment for years, and imports the most reliable, Italian-made passthrough dishwashers on the market today.

While they make only one Passthrough model, it's more than enough to get the job done. It's incredibly durable and easy to operate and clean. Plus, it has a potential capacity of 360-540 plates per hour, which means that it can handle even your busiest periods without skipping a beat.

This dishwasher uses 3 phase power, and the stainless steel construction means this machine will last you years without breaking down on you!


The DIHR brand makes some of the best pass-through hood type dishwashers out there.

Their products are made in Italy with a focus on design and craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of models, all with similar footprints, 410mm clearance height, and 3 phase power. And they have one of the highest numbers of washing cycle options so you can make sure your dishes come out sparkling clean.

But what really sets DIHR apart is their double and mono skinned insulation options. These insulated doors prevent heat from escaping while also keeping noise levels down to a minimum. Plus, they’re made with stainless steel construction so they won’t rust or corrode over time—they will last for years!

Some models even have an energy recovery system that uses the heat produced by the machine to warm up the cold water before it goes into the dishwasher. This means that you get cleaner dishes without wasting as much water or electricity (or money).


The Fagor brand is one of the most well-known names in the world of kitchen appliances. They have built a reputation for creating high-quality products that are both durable and energy efficient.

Their commercial passthrough dishwashers are no exception—they are made in Spain, and feature all the benefits and features of high-end dishwashers, but they are affordable for everyone. The Fagor dishwasher line was designed with large kitchens and busy restaurants in mind. They're ideal for heavy use in restaurants and catering businesses, with a 440 mm hood opening and counterbalanced grip which is easy to handle.

They all come with 3 phase power requirements, but includes an optional heat recovery system that helps save on energy costs. In addition, the machines have a double upper and lower wash and rinse system that reduces water consumption while providing better cleaning. 


Axwood is a high-quality brand of dishwashers that are made in China and is a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting, user-friendly product. The full stainless steel structure means that your dishwasher will last for years and years, so you won't have to worry about it breaking down when you need it most. They're also WaterMark certified—which means you can rest assured that the dishwashers have been thoroughly tested and meet strict safety standards.

Awood commercial passthrough dishwashers have 400mm clearance height, run on 3 phase power and clean upto 60 racks per hour. These machines are also efficient, saving you money on energy bills.

If you're looking for a new appliance that will give you years of trouble-free service without breaking your budget, then this brand is definitely one worth considering!


Made in Australia, Eswood dishwashers are some of the best commercial passthrough dishwasher brands on the market. The company's all-stainless steel construction and large clearance height make it perfect for use in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. 

They have several different models to choose from, ranging from entry level to premium models. All of their models are fully automatic, run on 3 phase power, and come with a digital display that makes it easy to record the temperature in a controlled environment.

Commercial Passthrough Dishwasher Comparison

Here's a quick look at the different entry level dishwashers.















Made in







Max clearance height







Hourly production

1,080 pieces

1080 pieces

360-540 pieces

540-700 pieces

720 pieces

720 pieces

No. of washing cycles







Cycle length (sec.)







Water consumption per cycle (L)






Tank capacity (L)







Total power







Basket size (mm)







Drain pump







Rinse aid & detergent dispenser







Double skin hood










635 x 735x 1460mm





We hope this quick guide to the world of commercial pass-through dishwashers has made your search for new equipment easier. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when choosing the best unit for your needs, but now you’re armed with plenty of information (and tips) to make it go more smoothly. Now that you know about some of the best brands and models out there, you can start narrowing down your options until only one remains! Afterwards, don’t forget to check out our selection of the best commercial passthrough dishwashers on the market!

If you need a hand choosing the right model for your kitchen and budget, you can always reach out to Restaurant Equipment Online for advice!

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