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Don’t Do It Yourself: Restaurant Tasks that Should Be Outsourced

Outsourcing is a common business technique with various benefits. 59% of outsourcers use it to cut costs, while 31% see it as a way to improve customer service. As a restauranteur, you may view your core service as focusing on creating incredible food and a pleasant atmosphere. However, what about all the maintenance and admin tasks that are also involved in running a restaurant? Spending time on these could distract from your core purpose and decrease the quality of your output. Here are some key ways to keep your restaurant clean, while ensuring your business and equipment are running smoothly, through the help of outsourcing.

Business Management and Public Relations

Many people who open restaurants do so based on a love of food. Unfortunately, however, great dishes aren’t enough to keep a food outlet in business. You will need to be smart with finances to ensure a positive cash flow. If this isn’t your area of expertise, then consider outsourcing.

By hiring an executive manager, you can leave operational matters in the safe hands of a trusted colleague, while you master your culinary skills. You may also want to outsource PR and marketing, in order to effectively build a brand image and entice new customers.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

A survey for Checkit found that while 16% of customers won’t return to a restaurant due to poor customer service, 66% would never revisit an establishment with inadequate hygiene. No matter how amazing the food is, cleanliness really is next to godliness. Failing in this department could even mean getting shut down by the authorities.

Cleaning takes time though, so don’t put all the strain on your chefs or waiting staff. Hire in a professional cleaning company, who will ensure the highest possible standard of hygiene. They will be able to dedicate all their time and energy to the job, freeing you up to focus on your passion for cooking.

Find all the cleaning suppliers for your restaurant here.

Electrical Maintenance

Kitchens are full of electrical equipment required to produce large quantities of delicious food. However, this means there is plenty to go wrong. If there is an electrical problem, then this could cause a serious danger, from a fire outbreak to electrocution.

Instead, put your trust in an expert, regardless of whether you operate in the city or somewhere more rural. When looking for electricians Sydney restaurant owners have a range of options, with the yellow pages listing almost 4000 services. Small town eating joints may have fewer options, but at a more reasonable price. Find someone with a high reputation that you can trust to call any time something goes wrong. Electrical standards in Australia are strict and complicated, so don’t risk it by attempting to deal with these issues yourself.

Outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of restaurant operations and save money. Low level or administration tasks should be left to a professional, so that your waiting staff can focus on providing excellent customer service and your chefs can concentrate on creating the finest dishes. For difficult or dangerous tasks, hiring a professional will ensure everything runs smoothly and that no one’s safety is compromised. Choosing to outsource these areas could kick start your restaurant business and help it to flourish.

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