Skope Refrigeration: World-Class Customization Meets Exceptional Quality

Welcome to the world where refrigeration meets personalization. At, we are proud to introduce the unparalleled craftsmanship of Skope Refrigeration. Hailing from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, Skope has carved a global reputation for delivering commercial refrigeration solutions that not only embody the highest quality commercial refrigeration but also cater to the unique nuances of every restaurant and hospitality setting.

Bespoke Refrigeration Tailored Just For You

If you are looking for commercial fridges and freezers that go beyond traditional, boring designs, Skope's customization services breathe life into your culinary visions. Whether it's an avant-garde external colour to match your restaurant's interior or a comprehensive custom-built fridge designed from scratch to fit specific dimensions and functionalities, Skope transforms every wish into tangible reality. Imagine a refrigeration unit that complements your space so seamlessly it feels like an extension of your culinary passion and design.

Skope can make custom made fridges for any tricky location, including:

  • Ships & trains
  • Boardrooms & reception areas
  • Laboratories
  • Mounting on a wall
  • Limited space - specific size fridge is required

Unlock Boundless Possibilities

Dive deep into the world of tailor-made refrigeration solutions where each piece resonates with your brand's identity and fulfils every functional requirement, without compromises. From bistros to banquet halls, Skope's versatility in customization ensures every establishment finds its perfect refrigeration partner.

Financing Your Vision with Skope Funding

We understand that top-tier customization is an investment. That’s why, in collaboration with Skope, we’re thrilled to offer Skope Funding. Now, you can get the bespoke commercial refrigeration solutions tailored for your business, without the huge upfront cost. Secure the refrigeration your business deserves today, and manage your funds smartly over time.

Ready to Craft Your Unique Refrigeration Story?

Our team at Restaurant Equipment Online is eager to guide you through this exciting journey. Contact us today, and let's shape your perfect refrigeration story together.

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