What is Kerbside Delivery Restaurant Equipment Online

Kerbside delivery means the product will be delivered to your front door but not taken inside. Kerb is an American-English word for pavement or sidewalk, so if an item will be delivered kerbside, it means it will be delivered on to your pavement, usually in front of your shop.

The reason why most delivery companies and couriers only deliver kerbside is because of insurance. The courier is only insured to bring the item to your door, not inside. Once he/she enters your premises, their insurance is no longer valid and yours is. So if something were to happen to the item or to the courier while inside your premises, he may not be covered by insurance for any damages (their fault or not) so it’s easier for them to only deliver to the door.

Also each shop or home is different and couriers do not want to get stuck trying to get an item inside without knowing prior what to expect. If you are getting an item or multiple items delivered and you would like them brought inside, contact the supplier to discuss it with them as there are almost always additional charges.

Some couriers will go as far as to scout out the delivery location and than decide if they will complete the job or not. We advise you to send photos of the path you would like the courier to take, clearly showing any stairs or other obstacles that will need to be dealt with. Don’t leave it until the last minute or until the driver actually arrives because you may be given an ultimatum on the day, to leave the unit out the front or have it taken back to the depo, at your expense.

Think ahead and contact the sales team to discuss any delivery complications ahead of time!

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