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If you have read our other articles, ‘How does a Commercial Refrigerator work’ and ‘What does ‘Ambient Temperature’ mean?’, you already have a basic understanding of the refrigeration process. In the diagram below, stage 1 on the left is where the (highly pressurized and heated) refrigerant gas is pumped through the condenser coil which cools it down and turns it into its liquid form before it enters the fridge or freezer’s cabinet (where the food and drinks are stored).



This diagram gives a good visual explanation of a static cooling system, or one that only uses the ambient temperature of the room to help cool the refrigerant at this stage. Fan forced fridges and freezers have a fan at this stage to further assist the gas cooling process.

The large fans literally force air over the radiator which helps cool the gas and condense it into its liquid form. Fan forced fridges and freezers also usually have large fans inside the cabinet to circulate the cold air and bring down the temperature of the contents inside the cabinet much faster.

Fan Forced PolarFan Forced Polar Inside

So how do you decide if you should get a fan forced fridge or freezer? ...Especially as their cost is always more than a more basic, static cooled system...

Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. What will the ambient temperature of the room where the fridge/freezer is kept be?

  2. Will the fridge/freezer be opened more than 6 times in any 4 hour window?

  3. Will there be air conditioning in the room where the fridge/freezer will be kept?


Scenario 1:

We need a display fridge for our busy cafe, located on a main road in Hervey Bay, QLD. The fridge will be located at the front of the shop, facing customers. There is air conditioning in the shop but the front doors are always opening and closing as customers enter and exit. The fridge will be opened and closed constantly throughout the day as food is served.

Solution: Cake Display - This fridge is Fan Forced and is rated to work in 38°C. It also has heated glass panels which can be turned on or off by a switch at the back, the heated glass prevents moisture buildup in hot and/or humid climates


Scenario 2:

I need a storage freezer to go in a back room which will run quietly and efficiently. The freezer won’t be opened more than a few times each day and I don’t care what it looks like. Only that it’s reliable, fits through the door of the storage room and runs on a regular household 10 Amp plug. The storage room never gets above approximately 30°C, even with the freezer running.

Solution: 600L Storage Freezer with white exterior - This freezer is large, economical and has a long warranty. It won't be opened and closed very often and doesn’t share a room with any cooking equipment or direct sunlight so never has to work too hard to keep cool.

Scenario 3:

We have a small family owned personal training studio and need a simple upright display fridge for drinks and some fresh meals. Not looking to spend big dollars and the studio is air conditioned and the fridge will be opened and closed all throughout the day.

Solution: Single door upright drinks fridge - These are two static cooled fridges but both are very reliable and some our most popular items. They have bottom mounted cooling systems to maximize customers’ viewing angles. Both fridges are under $1000, are on castor wheels and run on a regular household plugs.


Single door upright drinks fridge blackSingle door upright drinks fridge white

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