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Picking the right passthrough dishwasher can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the small differences between each model. Hobart dishwashers are made in Germany and represent the pinnacle of commercial dishwasher design, thanks to many innovative features.

It would be a very long read to list all the features of every different model here, however our friendly and knowledgable team is more than happy to advise which model will be best suited for your business.

In a nutshell, the larger the volume of warewashing your commercial kitchen processes, the more economical the more powerful dishwashing models become.

Think of the three different models as Good, Better and Best.
- The EcoMax is the most basic model while still benefitting from Hobart's core dishwasing innovations. EcoMax is great for small cafes and other sites with small warewashing requirements.
- The EcoMax Plus is the mid-tier dishwasher which is more powerful and more efficient, with all the same features as the EcoMax plus more. The Plus is best suited to medium sized restaurants who have experienced cheap dishwashers and know the true cost of not having a functional, dependable machine.
- The Profi is the best of the best. Suited for well established, high volume commercial kitchens. The Profi is easy to use and has ergonomic design features intended for frequent use. Even though the Profi is the most powerful and has the largest water consumption, this actually results in more efficient warewashing as it recycles the most amount of warm rinse water. This saves the owner on water and power bills as less water heating is required!

Some Considerations

Water quality is not the same in all locations. The quality of the washing and the longevity of the dishwashers can be significantly impacted by hard water. This can be a bigger factor if your kitchen is not located in a major city. Regional and rural water sources have different treatment methods including stronger chemicals added to purify drinking water. This is not the best for your dishwasher!
We recommend that every site has their water quality professionally tested, no matter what brand or model of dishwasher is planned to be purchased. Rule this out to ensure water quality is not the cause of your dishwashing woes!

Water Pressure is not consistent in all locations. Whether you are located metro or rural, in a stand-alone building or in a shopping center, each location's water pressure can be inconsistent, especially if it's a shared source. If you business is within a shopping center and you notice around lunchtime the water flow reduces, this is because other kitchens are using the same source at the same time! Dishwashers work more effiently when they receive better water pressure. The EcoMax Plus and Profi are specifically designed to cope with less water pressure.

Accessories such as Reverse Osmosis, stands, inlet/outlet benches, pumps and racks are available for different diwasher models. No matter your requirements, we can tailor a solution to your business' needs.

Service is the most crucial aspect of any equipment purchase. It's no use buying an expensive appliance only for it to stop working due to a minor issue, which takes days or weeks to resolve. Hobart Equipment does not have an extensive range of products; instead they have legendary service so you have peace of mind and can get back in the kitchen instead of worrying about your dishwasher not working.

Installation is often not taken into consideration when making an appliance purchasing decision. The installation for a commercial dishwasher can cost $500 - $2000 alone, depending on your requirements and if there are existing power and water connections available. RestaurantEquipment.com.au has preferred service partners who can install your new dishwasher, its accessories and even remove an old appliance that is no longer being used. Our installation partners are happy to visit your site before your purchase and provide advice and quotes. Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop solution for all your commercial kitchen appliance needs. From solution design to installation and after sale support, we are here for you. Please reach out to our team to discuss your warewashing needs today!

Here is a cheat-sheet which summarizes the main features and differences of the Hobart Passthrough dishwasher range:

Key Feature ECOMAX
Power Type Single Phase. 240V. 15Amp 3 Phase. 415V 3 Phase. 415V
Total Power Load 3.2 Kw 7.1 Kw 7.4 Kw
Water Connection Hot Water Max 60*C
Hot Water Strongly Recommended
Hot Water Max 60*C.
Can Also Run On Cold.
Hot Water Max 60*C
Can Also Run On Cold.
Water Consumption 2.3 Litres / Cycle 2.3 Litres / Cycle 2.5 Litres / Cycle
Wash Pump 0.4 Kw 0.7 Kw 0.7 Kw
E-Store Energy Saving
4 Sided Insulated Enclosed Hood
Yes Yes Yes
Clip In Wash Arms No – Screw In Type No – Screw In Type Yes – Clip In
Chamber Loading Height 440Mm 440Mm 440Mm
Control Panel Electronic Controls Electronic Controls Visiotronic –
Easy To Use One Button Intelligent Control
Control Panel Position Below Bench. Rhs Below Bench. Rhs Operator Eye Level.
Ideal In Both Corner
And Inline Machine Install Configurations
Wrap Around Handle No Yes Yes
Number Of Wash Cycles 3 3 3
Drain Pump Fitted Yes Yes Yes
Rinse Booster Pump Fitted No.
Requires Minimum 300Kpa Constant Water Flow Pressure To Operate
Engineered To Also
Work At Low Flow Water Pressure Conditions
Engineered To Also
Work At Low Flow Water Pressure Conditions
Detergent Chemical Dispenser Fitted Yes Yes Yes
Rinse Aid Chemical Dispenser Fitted Yes Yes Yes

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